Totally that guy from that thing. I suppose if you are reading this rather long paragraph then you are interested in reading about me. Well, you've probably seen me on ABC4Kids' Giggle and Hoot as 'Jimmy Giggle'. You see it's all starting to make sense now. As a result of my time at Giggle and Hoot I have become really good at things such as: playing cardboard instruments, juggling badly, annoying banjo playing, chord progressions on the ukulele, pretending to be an astronaut, pirate speak, robotic voices, playing with toys, pulling faces, eyebrow manipulation, speaking in a high register, singing with a massive smile, giving small people high fives and smiling for photos ... all things that will serve me well in future business ventures... I think. I'm really just distracting you because I don't like talking about myself. But you're here to find out about me. I dunno, I did some amateur musical theatre when I was at school and uni (didn't finish course ... too boring!). Wanted to get a job in the industry, so I quit my job, did an audition for ABC and got cast as JG (was a bit more complicated but you get the gist). I am grateful for all the people who saw something in me and gave me a bonza start in the industry. 11 years later Giggle and Hoot ended and now I'm free to make content for the internet and what a fun ride this is rn. TikTok, Facebook and Insta are going great and I thank all the peeps for following along and having a laugh. Anyway... have a look around Jimmy Rees HQ and check out all the stuff on this pathetic excuse of a website.

Catch Ya ... Jimmy :)

Who is this guy?