Aussie Pantomime


The wonderful Bonnie Lythgow and Lisa Campbell asked me to be in their show, Snow White Family Winter Musical at the State Theatre in Sydney. Of course I said 'YEAH', and after a couple of weeks of rehearsal it's here. Bonnie has been wanting to bring the tradition of the panto to our sunny shores for a while now and I am thrilled to be apart of her first one in AUS!!! Yes I'm playing the fool, yes it is too much fun and yes my costume is ridiculous :) I've been lucky to meet some great peeps and I hope those of you who have seen the show enjoyed it. I'm not sure why Australia hasn't had a big pantomime production like this in the past. We love yelling and screeming at things. Here's a shot of us in the classic 'Ghost Gag'!!

Jimmy :)